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Rainman - Rainman (1970 dutch, psychedelic rock with folk blinks - MP3 320k and FLAC)

Originally released only in Holland, this is the first CD reissue of the superb 1970 solo LP from the lead guitarist of legendary Dutch blues / psych-rockers Q65. A moody blend of folk, pop and psychedelia, with some blazing guitar leads, the album also features his Q65 bandmate Jay Baar, as well as Dick Beekman (Cuby & the Blizzards), Francois Content (Swinging Soul Machine) and other leading Dutch musicians on flute, vibes, congas and other instruments.

It's the first and only solo album by Frank Nuyens in close cooperation with band mate’s Q65 drummer Jay Baar. For these Q65 lovers I must warn that stylistically there is little to find of a Q65 association (although I didn’t hear their work later than the 60s).

By this time, Frank had already left Q65 for a while, and together with Jay he had played before with Kjoe and after Q65 also one year with Circus, but he felt he wanted a platform for his own songs, so with all the time and investment he got he took the opportunity to record this album which was meant to reach the English, I think especially the American market. The album is co-produced by Cuby & the Blizzards drummer Dick Beekman.

It is a well hung together song album, a strong collection of, often gentle, songs with nice rock arrangements. “Natural Man” has small American/Nashville associations and progressive touches on flute and electric guitar solos. “Don’t” is a beautiful song which sound more like folk-pop like Donovan, led by acoustic guitar and Spanish acoustic guitar while “Get you..” directs slightly towards Al Stewart’s pop reaching abilities during the same years.

The only cover is a song from Tim Hardin, “Don’t Make Promises”, in well done, and more up tempo and poly-rhythmic accompaniment than the original. Tim Hardin was a popular choice to cover, but the choice tells also something of the direction what he wanted to achieve. Only the last track is a bit weak ending for an overall really fine song album. The only other single track which he recorded is also included.

After this project, he played almost two years with the group Lynx, who recorded one single which was never released. After this he played with the Red White and Blue band (with Supersister drummer Herman van Boeyen), who recorded another LP. Later 70s groups with more singles were the Cuby & Blizzards and The Freelance Band

1. Rainman - 2:33
2. Natural Man - 4:02
3. Don't - 2:43
4. Vicious Circle - 2:42
5. Don't Make Promises - 2:44
6. You Will Be Freed By Me - 2:25
7. Money Means Nothing At All - 2:40
8. Get You To Come Through - 5:29
9. She Told Me So - 3:28
10. They Didn't Feel - 4:00
11. The Joy That Is Inside - 3:04
12. The Bird (Bonus track) - 3:16
All songs by Frank Nuyens and Jay Baar except track 12 by Frank Nuyens.

*Frank Nuyens - Vocals, Acoustic, Electric, Bottleneck Guitars, Bass
*Philip Peters - Keyboards
*Piet Kuyters - Piano
*Enno Velthuys - Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Background Vocals
*Dick Beekman - Drums
*Jay Baar - Drums, Maracas, Vibes
*Francois Content - Flute, Cowbell
*Co Co - Congas
*E. Stoffel - Acoustic, Electric Guitars
*Eugene Farago - Drums
*H. Staalmeester - Bass

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