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Eric Quincy Tate - Quincy Tate (1971 us southern rock with touchs of rhythm and blues with Duanne Allman - 2006 limited Rhino handmade CD - FLAC)

To boil it down into a couple sentences; if 70's R&B/blues is your thing, then this disc is a must have! At the very least, it can safely be labled as criminally forgotten.

First of all, Eric Quincy Tate was not an individual but rather a blue-eyed R&B outfit playing the club circuit in Texas when they were discovered.

This swampy concoction, there first and only studio effort, was recorded at the "Sounds of Memphis" studio in 1971. The cast of characters was absolutely stellar!

Three legends share production credit; Tony Joe White, Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd.

The personnel roster boasted the Dixie Fliers(house band for the studio), overdubs by the Memphis Horns and a cameo appearance on slide by none other than Duane Allman.

Only the drummer/vocalist and guitarist from the actual band were allowed to play on the LP; which gives the digitally remastered original tracks a tighter, more professional feel than the bonus tracks which feature the "real" band.

The "demos" by the real band, which form the last part of the disc, have a looser, more naive and therefore sincere groove. The sound quality throughout is excellent.

All in all, this disc easily qualifies as one of the best 70's releases that you never heard of.

The song writing is superior and the instrumental attack is engaging throughout.I strongly recommend it. (By C. Pumarejo "Bunny Rabid" -

CD edition details:
Limited edition 2006 remastered Rhino Handmade debut CD release (only 5000 copies produced) of 11-track 1971 Cotillion LP plus 7 bonus tracks.

Original album produced by Tony Joe White, Jerry Wexler and Tom Dowd. Compilation produced by Mason Williams (of "Classical Gas" fame). Besides EQT band members, the album features session work by The Dixie Flyers, The Memphis Horns, Jim Dickinson, and coproducer White, as well as slide guitar by Duane Allman.

On the Loose:

Tracks List:
01.Stonehead Blues
02.I Want 'Cha
03.Try a Little Harder
04.On the Loose
05.Makes No Difference
06.When I'm Gone
07.Comin' Down
08.Hooker House
09.The Bream Are Still Biting in Ferriday
10.Ain't It a Bummer
11.License to Love
12.Stonehead Blues - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track/Demo)
13.Comin' Down - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track/Demo)
14.Ain't It a Bummer - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track/Demo)
15.Gimme Some Lovin' - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track/Demo)
16.Blowin' the Clouds Away - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track/Alternate Version)
17.Get on the Road - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track)
18.I Don't Know Much - (previously unreleased, Bonus Track)

Eric Quincy Tate:
*Donnie McCormick - Lead Vocals - Drums
*Tommy Carlisle - Guitar - Vocals
*David Cantonwine - Bass
*Joe Rogers - Keyboards - Vocals
*The Memphis Horns - Brass
*Duane Allman - Slide Guitar
*The Dixie Flyers - Session Work

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