Thursday, July 14, 2011

zombie driver: review

Zombie Driver is exactly what I've hoped for. It could just as well be titled Zombies vs. Ambulances, Taxis, Limousines, Police Cars and City Buses. If ever you've wanted to hop in one of those vehicles and plow through the zombie hordes of an infested city, leaving bloody, red donut marks in the streets, well, there's a game for that now. Racing through highways, parks and side roads choked with undead staples like zombie dogs and exploding fat guys is unrelentingly fun, and while each mission tasks you with some kind of timed rescue the objectives are never terribly frustrating. The completion of secondary tasks, like clearing out nests of dead guys, provide rewards like unlockable vehicles and weapon upgrades, so there's always motivation for reaching greater levels of mastery.

The game's a bit short and doesn't provide much beyond the visceral glee of running over craploads of people who actually have it coming, but that's probably more than enough for the lean, $10 price tag. And some gameplay depth eventually emerges as the game introduces more undead types and a greater assortment of weapons and vehicles are unlocked and upgraded, requiring you to juggle considerations like armor, speed, and passenger capacity against the needs of the mission. Zombie Driver is good for at least a few afternoons of simple enjoyment, and anyone who ever bore affection for classics like Carmageddon owes it to themselves to drop a few bucks on the thing.

Scott Sharkey

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