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Free Download Texas Hold'em Poker Offline version games 3D

Texas Hold'em Poker 3D Offline Version- For facebook users may be familiar with this game. Texas Holdem Poker game, games poker card games which had long been in gandrungi many Facebook users initially from a small age to senior citizens from the Adam and femininity has been widely played throughout the world. We play at many tables bias. Start a table with the smallest stakes, $ 10 to 4 M (million dollars). Well it turns out the PC has provided a similar game. Length and do not need anymore, I'll share the download link and download for free and free of charge.

This is Texas hold'em poker games 3D Offline version, could also be played online because in it there fiture internet and lan games.

Since its discovery, poker has rapidly become one of the favorite gambling past for many Americans, because of the ease with which can be played. There can be no other game of chance that so many different variations have been created, there are hundreds of versions of poker.

Poker is intrinsically caught up in American history and American expansion. It is thought to have originated in New Orleans, where players will use a deck of 20 cards and bet on whose hand the most precious. As the American West settlement spread to the river system, poker go together, including in parts of the river boat up the great river like the Mississippi river boats. Its expansion during this period means that this is an integral part of popular history tells the American West, and can be found in works of fiction and non-fiction, works of history and religion, and documentaries alike.

Full deck of 52 cards were introduced to the game after the expansion, along with the idea of ​​watering. Variants of the game began to emerge during the American Civil War, and the game continues to be an integral part of the military, like that of Western development. It is estimated that the U.S. military is spread over a lot of games from around the world, particularly in Asia.

Poker began to receive much public attention when the World Series of Poker began in 1970. During this period, the high interest in the game means that the market is ready for development, in the form of casino poker rooms in big and books on the development of strategies and tips.

Poker run down turn in the mid-1980s that continued until the new millennium. Many casino poker rooms shut down during their time supporting the game more like the odds favor the house (poker offers a very small return for a casino set aside to be cut from the pot).

A come back to popularity in the development of a few more tournaments poker, especially the idea of ​​Stephen Lipscomb who developed the idea of ​​the World Poker Tour. Since the early shows that, with reliance on innovative technology camera that allows viewers to see the card players, poker popularity around the world have taken on the proportion of astronomy, particularly the Texas Hole Em variation. Online poker sites also contributed to the increasing popularity of games that have been described as Every Game Mans. professional poker players have become celebrities in their own right, and many celebrities are also turning to games as a method of their choice of entertainment. Some players, like Jennifer Tilly, seems to have given up their former careers to play games.

Basically the game of poker is to bet on who is the best card, card ga cuman directly opened. Previous happen betting card who has the most good. and every player has the right to replace the card and before the card is opened, place the stakes again ....

Ranking by default:

1. Royal Flush (sequential 10, J, Q, K As the same image)

2. Straight Flush (sequential images together eg 4,5,6,7,8)

3. 4 of a kind (there are 4 numbers / letters the same, eg K, K, K, K, As)

4. Full House (3 card numbers / letters together and 2 other card numbers / letters are the same, eg 5,5,5,3,3)

5. Flush (all same image but not in sequence, ie all picture cards hearts)

6. Straight (cards in sequence but not the same image)

7. 3 of a kind (there are 3 numbers / letters the same, eg K, K, K, J, As)

8. Two Pair (there are two pairs of numbers / letters are the same, eg 10.10, J, J, K)

9. pair (there is a pair of numbers / letters the same, eg K, K, 10, J, As)

Game Description :

Want to play poker? Texas Hold'em Poker - a casino card game. It is played with a typical pack of 52 cards. In this version you can play from two to eight players, the complexity is governed by each player. The game has an opportunity to play on a local network, the Internet and of course you can play alone. The game has outstanding OpenGL-compatible 3D graphics and sounds.

Title: Texas Hold'em Poker 3D - Deluxe Edition

System requirements:

Year: 2009
Platform: pc
Language Eng
Genre: Simulation, Card Games
Developer: Tilted Mill Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Medicine: not required
Size: 70 mb

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Enjoy The Games.

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