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Easy guide for parents to monitor children while playing games

It is no secret that the content in the game often does not correspond with the children and the development period. Violence, nudity, violence, until the scene "adult" exposure-prone in children if the parents are not able to supervise and work around.

However, parents themselves may not be able to continue to accompany his son to play because the other busyness. What then then need to forbid children to play games to avoid this from happening? Own research shows children who play video games automatically train the fine motor skills, ability to recall, problem solving skills, ability to learn the language. And of course most importantly, children can feel happy about it.

Parents do not really worry too much, because we'll give you five tips that will make it easier for parents to supervise, control, or even the "censorship" of their children played games that can be done quickly and easily.

Communicate with Children

Good way is to let the child to supervise themselves. Parents can communicate with the child, what kind of game content has not been matched with themselves and the reason is so that children can learn to mature and do the "censorship" of the games he played himself. Parents themselves also have to tolerate the extent to which the game may be played or not.

All parents may not want their children to play games that have violent content, but that does not mean all games have violent content and then banned it? Give tolerance and understanding of violence such as what is allowed (eg fighting game) and what kind of violence should not be played (eg: full of mutilation).

Read Review about Your Child's Game is Played

Parents must be pro-active to get to know and learn more about the games played by their children. Being passive means that increase the risk of your child's exposure to inappropriate content in the game. Parents need to actively surfing the internet and dig as much information about the game being played by their children.

Parents can read the reviews of those games to get an overview about the types of games and content, then decide if the game is compatible with their child, or should do "censorship" against him. Jagat Review itself also reviews the latest games on the market.

Choose the Right Games Console

Parents are often confused to choose the right gaming console for his son because of the different variants of consoles available on the market. Each console has its own advantages and disadvantages, and often parents do not understand much about it. So what to do? Console what to choose?

Actually, parents can choose the console that suits their child's age. Some console games are designed to prefer the side and hence lots of fun games available are the games that put an element of fun and not the content of "heavy" and "mature" other. Parents can choose the Nintendo Wii or Nintendo DS for it. But that does not mean all games in the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS would fit with the kids. Wii and DS rather minimize the possibility of exposure to negative content. Both the console itself has a game with a variety of game genres and not everything is perfect with children. Following tips will help you select the game itself.

Maximize Video Sites for Getting the picture

If you read the review in writing can not provide a clear picture of the types of games and game content, the parents can switch to using free video sites like YouTube to get a more precise picture. Such sites usually provide pieces of videos taken directly from the game itself, so that parents can learn about the form of games and content available therein. It's easy, simply by adding the words "Gameplay" behind the name of the game title in the search field is available. Example: "Resident Evil 5 Gameplay", "Klonoa 2 Gameplay", or "Grand Theft Auto Gameplay" and so on according to the title game being played your child.

Visit ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board)

The ESRB is an independent agency that provides age ratings on games that are currently circulating in the world than any console. ESRB can be a valid and reliable reference for information related to the game that your child is being played. ESRB game itself divides into six age categories C (Children / Children), E (Everyone / Everyone), E 10 + (Everyone or aged over 10 years), T (Teen / Youth), Mature (Adult / 18 +), and Adult Only (Games that have an explicit pornographic content). Usually parents will find these letters on the front page cover of the game.

One thing worth noting, because in Indonesia most of the games in circulation is pirated or copied, it is not surprising cover of the game and the ESRB rating is also "modified" in such a way. Therefore, in general you'll find in all the games that circulate here is the rating "E", whatever type of game. Therefore, do not believe in the logo. The safest step is to visit  write her titles in the search field, and you will find a real game age ratings and rating reasons for granting it.

Quite easy to do right? So the parents no longer need to worry about the possibility of dizziness and a playable game content their children. Enough with 5 simple ways above, parents are able to actively supervise the games their children played. Let's create a healthy gaming environment for children.

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