Thursday, July 21, 2011

Another Amped Day

GETAMPED 2 is a pocket-fighter game, the title really describes the game, it make you excited, the game itself is "cool" "awesome" and "sweet". this game sure attracts youngster because you can be your favorite anime or cartoon character but take note their are also adults that loves anime so big brother can play it too.

Its a boring day and decided to whack some keyboard with playing GETAMPED 2 and make a boring story about it.

met my buddy Natsu Dragneel from anime Fairy Tail and look at those eyes and teeth that's what I call hungry for battle.

let see who's familiar faces I encountered.

Oh yes! it's Doraemon with an buster in his left hand maybe it came from his pocket, and in my right-side there is a robot dude (Gundam) carrying an yellow hammer, and some funk guy asking for a rematch at the background and do you see what I see? it's Whitebeard from One Piece also in my background.

I know you know this guy (Son Goku) this monster beside me is the king of anime no ninja nor pirate nor fairy can match his Kamehame Wave.

Uzumaki Naruto the Hero of Konoha the savior of Ninja world and his in sage mode now his ready to fight. bring it on!

and to complete the cast I introduce to you Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece, Natsu and Luffy had a same attitude they can be best of friends.

Natsu's balls gonna miss Luffy's spear.

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