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V.A. - All Good Clean Fun: A Journey Through The Underground Of Liberty & United Artists Records (1967-1975 boxset with 3 CDs - MP3 320K and FLAC)

All Good Clean Fun – A Journey through the Underground of Liberty United Artists Records 1969–1975 was released by EMI (Liberty 8660902) in 2004.

This is a triple CD with 39 tracks from 25 artists although many of the artists are inter-related (The Bonzo’s, Roger Ruskin Spear and Neil Innes: Hawkwind, Motörhead and Robert Calvert: Man, Deke Leonard, Clive John and The Neutrons).

As with other EMI sampler re-issues, such as A Breath of Fresh Air, the CD release borrows the original title, albeit adding a long subtitle, and uses a variation on the cover art, but incorporates fewer than half the tracks included on the original album.

These tracks are augmented by other artists and additional tracks from some of the original artists, so this is a retrospective compilation, rather than a re-issue of the original promotional sampler (by wikipedia).

Disc 1:
01."The Intro and the Outro" – Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
02."The Birthday" – The Idle Race
03."Blue Narcissus" – Hapshash and the Coloured Coat
04."Father Cannot Yell" – Can
05."Mistreated" – The Groundhogs
06."Futilist's Lament" – High Tide
07."Hurry Up John" - The Idle Race
08."Be Yourself" (Excerpt) – Hawkwind
09."Country Girl" – Brinsley Schwarz
10."Daughter of the Fireplace" – Man
11."Street Songs" – Help Yourself
12."Blankman Cries Again" - High Tide
13."Velvet Mountain" – Cochise
14."Strange Town" - Groundhogs
15."Take Me Away" - Colin Scot

Disc 2:
01."The Seed" – B. B. Blunder
02."Here Comes Mr Time" – If
03."You Shouldn't Do That" - Hawkwind
04."Let Me Take You Home" - Gypsy
05."Our Captain Cried All Hands" - Allan Taylor
06."Little Boy" – Reg King
07."Manillo" - Man
08."Paperhouse" - Can
09."Cherry Red" - The Groundhogs
10."Eddie Waring" - Help Yourself, with Deke Leonard and B J Cole
11."The Strain" - The Bonzo Dog Band

Disc 3:
01."Bananas" - Man
02."You Had a Lesson" - The Groundhogs
03."Home Again" - Cochise
04."Reaffirmation" - Help Yourself
05."How Sweet to Be an Idiot" – Neil Innes
06."Razor Blade and Rattlesnake" - Deke Leonard
07."Ejection (Single Version)" – Robert Calvert
08."Living in the World Today" - Neutrons
09."Iron Horse / Born to Lose" – Motörhead
10."(What's so Funny 'Bout) Peace Love and Understanding" - Brinsley Schwarz
11."The Psychadelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)" - Hawkwind
12."Out of My Tree" - Clive John
13."Unusual" – Roger Ruskin Spear

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  1. Hello. I would really, REALLY be appreciative if you could re-upload this and/or send me a link/drop box copy of it. Please, Please, PLEASE?!!!