Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ninja Saga Special Tensai Jounin Exam Cheats (Stage 1)

Ninja Saga Special Tensai Jounin Exam Cheats

Here are the primary requirements:
- You must be level 60 and a Jounin
- Your brain (optional)

Stage 1: The Force of Yami

  1. Chapter 1: Spot the weapon. You will be given a target weapon. You must get it in 30 secs and you are given only 3 chances. If you want additional time give, you must pay 30 token to get +30 secs to spot the weapon. Spotting the weapon is easy at first. But once they all mixed up, you will go crazy finding them. There are 7 levels on this part. This is a test of observation. I can only find up to 5 weapons. So if you can't, use cheat. Download fiddler 2 and the swf file for stage 1 and stage 2. Run fiddler, click on "autoresponder tab", Give checklist on "Enable automatic responses" and "Permit pass through for unmatched request", Drag ".SWF File" into "AutoResponder", Enter Ninja Saga and do the Special Tensai Jounin Exam. Clear the cache and Finished! You can also use speed hack on cheat engine.
  2. Chapter 2: Unpredicted Attack. Deliver the weapons you spotted at stage 1. As you deliver them, you will fight the undead and Genan, they are equipped with disabling skills. Don't worry! You can recruit other ninja to fight.

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