Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oz Knozz - Ruff Mix (1975 us hard rock - MP3 320K and WAV)

I compared their music to Oz Knozz and Manfred Mann. Then on an impulse I looked up Oz Knozz and was surprised to see no reviews!

Ruff Mix was one of the most sought-after rare albums of the 70s and early 80s. Very unique, and highly original, this album was the first to showcase lead keyboards in a heavy format.

The closest I can compare to would be Manfred Mann (circa Roaring Silence, Angels, Afrika) and THAT, my friends, is quite a heavy compliment!

Ruff Mix is just that - a rough mix.

The vinyl had that raw sound.

Not sure if the CD has been polished up.

But, no matter the music is what's important, and the music does NOT disappoint! I promise that this is NOTHING like anything else you've heard!

Initially, only something like 5000 copies were made of the first pressing.
Thanks to lots of airplay on the once-great KISS radio station in San Antonio, Ruff Mix became one of the most sought-after rare albums.

This album still holds its own quite well, 30 years later.
It is compellingly emotional and the keyboards are exquisite! Heavy by the 1970s standards, might not seem so heavy now, but still ROCKS!

Peanut Butter Yoni:

Track List:
01 - For Pat
02 - Peanut Butter Yoni
03 - Second Time Blues
04 - Love Poem
05 - Doodley Squat # 1
06 - Doodley Squat# 2
07 - Doodley Squat # 3
08 - Last Song

Duane Massey – Keyboards, Horns, Vocals
Richard Heath – Guitars, Vocals
Marty Naul – Percussion
Newt Bildo - Bass

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