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Bloody Mary - Bloody Mary (1974 us hard/progressive rock, 1993 ltd. edition reissue - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Original pressing from 1974 on FAMILY label FPS 2707. Rare NY heavy rock band linked to Sir Lord Baltimore through their drummer John Bradley, who may actually play on it.

I haven't seen one of these around here in a long time.

The rumour was that Bloody Mary's self titled debut from 1974 was Sir Lord Baltimore's(SLB) third album under a psuedonym, however SLB's drummer John Garner confirmed this wasn't the case.

Another "story" that has circulated for years is that Sir Lord Baltimore was recording thier second album at the same Hempstead, New York recording studio as Bloody Mary and asked Garner to sing on the some of the tracks but that doesn't jive up with the recording dates as SLB's second album was released in 1971 and Bloody Mary's in 1974.

Produced by long time recording industry veteran Vinny Testa from Community Productions Another "myth" from the dungeons of proto-metal.

Limited release from Family Records, the band's sound is similar to that of Sir Lord Baltimore with keyboards and more of a heavy prog structure of Deep Purple.

Bloody Mary - Can You Feel It (Fire)/ I Hear The Music Playing

Track list:
01.Dragon Lady (05:04)
02.Highway (02:51)
03.Riddle of the Sea (04:08)
04.Free and Easy (05:10)
05.You Only Got Yourself (07:01)
06.Can You Feel It (Fire) (05:37)
07.I Hear the Music Playing (04:51)

Bloody Mary:
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