Thursday, June 23, 2011

Game: Harvest Moon: Back To Nature LIKE & BIRTHDAY

I love play Harvest Moon (・ω・)/
Anyone play that? Well..i just play Harvest Moon for 10 years (game year). But i still have 7 cow (7 champ), 7 sheep (6 champ), and 10 chicken (10 champ)
Hehehe..I don't like use cheat. But my brother still use that for raise the G until 9.999.999 v( ̄Д ̄)v

Here! I have Like and Birthday list.

Spring                                                Fall
2 Louis: Honey                                     2 Gotz: Oil
4 Bold (Purple Sprites): Flour                 5 Stu: Wild grapes
11 Saibara: Bamboo Shoots                 10 Hoggy (Yellow Sprites): Flour
15 Staid (Blue Sprites): Flour                11 Manna: Honey
16 Elli: All flowers                                14 Chef (Red Sprites): Flour
17 Barley: Spa-boiled eggs                  15 Karen: Wine
19 Lillia: Bodigizer                               17 Doctor: Spa-boiled eggs
26 Aqua (ligjt blue Sprites): Flour          20 Pastor Carter: Wine
29 Greg: Big fish                                 23 Anna: Flower, Cookies
30 Shasha: Chocolate                          27 Rick: Spa-boiled eggs

Summer                                                Winter
3 Popuri: Spa-boiled eggs, Flowers           2 Kano: Big Fish
4 Harris: Spa-boiled eggs                        6 Gray: Ore
6 Cliff: Spa-boiled eggs                           13 Ellen: Apples, Wool
11 Basil: Flower, Mushroom                     15 Duke: Wine
16 Timid (Green Sprites): Flour                19 Won: Fish
17 Ann: Spa-boiled eggs                         20 Marry: Mushroom
22 Kai: Bread, Flour                                22 Nappy (Orange Sprites): Flour
25 Mayor Thomas: Wine                          26 May: Fished-out-trash
29 Zack: Big fish                                    29 Jeff: Apples

Well, do you know something different? Yea, I change my block quote image and just add glitter effect on my panda header..what do you think? ('◇')ゞ
Okay. Enjoy your new list. I hope this post can help you to raise hearts of villagers ♥. See ya!

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