Thursday, June 30, 2011

New Game Interface and Skills Reset on Ninja Saga

New Game Interface and Skills Reset on Ninja Saga

On the recent update on Ninja Saga, a secret kinjutsu ritualist appeared. His name was not given but he was said to make you forget all your ninjutsus.

Skills Reset on Ninja Saga and New Game Interface

Reset your skills on the academy!

Go to Academy and you will notice a clickable link named" Reset Jutsu". As it say's
- All your jutsu will be removed after "Reset Jutsu" * including all token and learning ninjutsu.
- All gold and tokens involving your Kinjutsu will "not be refunded."
- All jutsu will have to be learnt progressively from Lvl 1 after reset.

But I am not sure of these things:
- Are secret and extreme talent included?
- How about event reward jutsu and clan war reward jutsu?
- Will I able to choose another set of 2 (free user) or 3 elements (emblem) after reset jutsu?

New Game Interface
- Notice the new interface on the Academy tab, Jutsu tab and even the Missuion Success message tab.

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