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Quiet Sun - Mainstream (1975 uk, progressive experimental rock with Phil Manzanera, Brian Eno, remastered edition - MP3 320k and FAC)

Quiet Sun originally formed around Dulwich College in 1970 as a four-piece progressive rock band featuring Phil Manzanera (guitar), Bill MacCormick (bass),Charles Hayward (drums), and Dave Jarrett (keyboards).

The band name came from an article on sunspots and solar flares that MacCormick’s brother Ian had been reading, called “The Year of the Quiet Sun.” The group managed to score a rehearsal space from Warner Bros. and toured around the south of England gaining a small following, but were never signed. In 1971, Manzanera left to join Roxy Music, MacCormick joined Matching Mole, Jarrett went into teaching, and Hayward joined Gong.

Three years later, Manzanera was riding high on Roxy Music and decided to reform Quiet Sun while spending the latter part of 1974 working on a solo album to be known as Diamond Head. Manzanera booked 12-hour studio days, recording his solo album for eight and Quiet Sun for four, resulting in Mainstream.

The group mostly re-recorded the songs they had rehearsed back in 1970, though several songs from that time instead found their way onto Diamond Head, including “Frontera” (later re-recorded by Robert Wyatt as “Team Spirit” on Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard) and “Alma.” Both albums formed the basis of much of 801’s live shows, which featured Manzanera and MacCormick . Hayward left to form This Heat.

For a while, after initial pressings of Mainstream went out of print, the CD of the album was only obtainable through an expensive Japanese import. In 1999 Mainstream was re-released on Manzanera’s own label, Now 2011 comes the Collectors edition , in book form complete with a number of the early, pre-Roxy Quiet Sun demos and new pictures and memorabilia .

by Ted Mills

1. Sol Caliente (Phil Manzanera) - 8:02
2. Trumpets with Motherhood (Charles Hayward) - 1:30
3. Bargain Classics (Dave Jarrett) - 5:37
4. R.F.D. (Dave Jarrett) - 3:09
5. Mummy was an asteroid, Daddy was a small non-stick kitchen utensil (Bill MacCormick) - 6:09
6. Trot (Phil Manzanera) - 5:00
7. Rongwrong (Charles Hayward) - 9:39

Quiet Sun
*Charles Hayward - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Voice
*Dave Jarrett - Fender Rhodes, Steinway Grand Piano, Farfisa & Hammond Organs, VCS3
*Phil Manzanera - Electric 6 & 12 String Guitars, Treated Guitars, Fender Rhodes Piano
*Bill MacCormick - electric bass, treated bass, back-up voices
Guest Musicians
*Brian Eno - Synthesizer, Treatments & Oblique Strategies
*Ian MacCormick - Back-up Voices

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