Friday, June 24, 2011

Roy Buchanan - Second Album (1973 us blues rock - Wave audio format)

After Roy Buchanan's sefltitled recorded, the emphasis is once again on a variety of approaches to traditionals and originals alike.

Erskine Hawkins' "After Hours" is given a formidable workout, while Buchanan's own "Five String Blues" is a seminal example of the artistry that he brings to his craft, as the guitar alternately cries and rejoices at his touch.
"I Won't Tell You No Lie" is a funkier number, recalling a mid-tempo interpretation of Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine".

From here, the Snake Stretchers disbanded as new producers incorporated their own musicians and vocalists.

Sadly, few (if any) of Buchanan's subsequent efforts would reveal the thoroughly solid ensemble work that Roy Buchanan and Second Album so flawlessly demonstrate. (by Lindsay Planer from amg)

Track List :
01.Filthy Teddy
02.After Hours
03.Five String Blues
04.Thank You Lord
05.Treat Her Right
06.I Won't Tell You No Lies
07.Tribute To Elmore James
08.She Once Lived Here

Personnel :
*Roy Buchanan - lead and acustic guitar, vocals
*Dick Heintze - keyboards
*Don Payne - bass
*Jerry Mercer - drums
*Teddy Irwin - rhythm guitar
*Chuck Tilley - vocal on Treat Her Right
*Ned Davis - drums on She Once Lived Here

[ Rip and Scans by DR BELL OTUS ]
CODE: 58201

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