Friday, June 24, 2011

My Top Most Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Picks

It's only been a few months since we started blogging actively.  I recently encountered a project called "Top 10 Most Influential Blogs for 2011".  It is a project of Ms. Janette Toral.  

It aims to help promote new bloggers like us.  Each year there are a lot of new blog that are popping out and have no idea on how to go through with things.  To be honest, we have been wanting to blog for many years now but we never had the heart to pursue it.  If we have not had the chance to attend the Blogger's Fest last April 18, 2011 (see separate entry), this blog would never have existed.  This entry is for all new bloggers out there!  Hope we all can improve and grow!

Here are my picks:

1. Mommy Survival 
  • About
    • Mommy Survival Blog offers tips and advices about parenting, home management, wifely duties and all and any of those stuff that mommies and wives may think and worry about including shopping, self-care, relationships, and more - based on my noob experience and some research from the web.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Well-written
    • Useful tips and advises with great rationale
    • High viewer interactivity shown by comments
2. Cebu MD
  • About
    • CebuMD is a site where doctors especially those who at one time studied or trained in Cebu can get updated about what's happening in the medical community here in Cebu. They can scan through the news headlines, visit websites made by their fellow alumni or drop by linked websites which may prove to be useful for them.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • About Cebu
    • Connect with other Physicians
  • About
    • A travel blog of a 100% boholano who likes adventure,traveling and taking pictures. 
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Informative travel guide and tips
    • detailed photographs
4. Tottering Mama 
  • About
    • A blog about being a mother to a son and a daughter and a loving wife to her husband.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Sharing family experience
    • Updates on family events
    • Guides and tips in parenting
5. Sleek in the City 
  • About
    • SLEEK IN THE is the Guide for Sleek Folks to the Best of Manila + Beyond created by Mark Joseph Delgado last December 2010. After a short study program in Shanghai, Mark returned to Manila with the primary idea of writing about his travels, favorite dishes,fashion, inspirations and etc. After a while, the blog expanded its topics until the author found himself writing about other things such as events, style and grooming. Through his blog, the author wants to reach out to the people of his age and showcase everything that is new, unique and exciting in the city.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • Interesting posts
    • Large FB fan base
6. Harmony Thoughts 
  • About
    • A blog about a digital artist who makes art, lives her dreams and inspires others.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • creative and fun art works
    • inspirational and meaningful messages
7. Me Likes Art 
  • About
    • A blog about Will, a literature graduate, who feels that he does not know art, but he surely likes it.  
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • witty reviews on different forms of art
    • news about films, literature, theater,television and more
    • fun and amusing to read
  • About
    • A blog about a Filipino Muslim OFW in United Kingdom
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • interesting and unique contents
    • clear and easy to follow
9. Dabawenyong Maniniyot
  • About
    • A photoblog of a freelance casual photographer from Davao City.
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • great photography about everything around the photographer
    • witty captions
  • About
    • Blog meant to chronicle the adventures of the author and his partner in crime, the beautiful RinaZ's, as they explore different cuisines, trying to find food that suits our taste
  • Emerging Influence Factors
    • captivating photos
    • informative

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