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Quarteto 1111 - Quarteto 1111 (1970, portuguese progressive rock - Wave audio format)

The original formation, made up by Miguel Artur da Silveira (drums), José Cid (vocals and keyboards) and brothers António Moniz Pereira (guitar) and Jorge Moniz Pereira (bass guitar), began work as a garage-band.

In 1967 they get radio airplay with the theme "A Lenda d'El Rei D. Sebastião".
Shortly after they launched their first EP.

The time spent between their first EP and their first LP was spent producing other EP's and singles, as well as taking part in a national Song Contest.

1970 sees the launch of the band's homonymous debut album, a psychedelic-pop conceptual piece dealing with racism and emigration.
The dictatorship's censoring machine has the album withdrawn the very same week of its launch.
After this event, the band lauched further singles, this time sung in English as to better evade censorship.

After a great commercial success with the singles "Back to the Country" and "Ode to The Beatles", they are asked to appear on the first edition of the now famous Vilar de Mouros music festival, along with popular names from the Portuguese traditional music scene, such as Amália Rodrigues, but from the international scene as well, such as Elton John and Manfred Mann ... it was in this encounter with Manfred Mann that Cid first got to know the Moog.

After a few changes in line-up, the band, still under the eye of the censorship, records it's second LP with a popular Portuguese singer, Frei Hermano da Câmara.
Cid decides to leave the group after the album, but reunites with the band after the revolution that reinstated democracy in Portugal and marked the end of the censors.

With the new line-up of José Cid (vocals and keyboards), Guilherme Inês (drums), António Moniz Pereira (guitar), Mike Sergeant (guitar) and Tó Zé Brito (bass guitar), they record QUARTETO 1111's magnus opus, the two-piece symphonic album "Onde Quando Como Porquê Cantamos Pessoas Vivas".
This was to become the last LP by the band, as Cid abandoned the group to pursue a very successful solo career that began with an adventurous but ill-received incursion further into Progressive Rock.

In mid eighties the original band got together for a few performances and managed to put out one final single in 1987, "Memo".
Quarteto 1111 have a short but varied career.

The began by playing a kind of psychelic pop in the vein of Brazilian acts like Ronnie Von and Os Mutantes, while their later work is closer to Symphonic Rock and the path José Cid would follow with the single "Vida" and the album "10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus e Marte". (by Kotro from Prog Archives)

Track List :
02.Joao Nada
03.Domingo Em Bidonville
04.Uma Estrada Para A Minha Aldeia
05.A Fuga Dos Grilos
06.As Trovas Do Vento Que passa
08.Maria Negra
09.Lenda De Nambuangongo

Quarteto 1111 :
*Jose Cid - keyboards, harpsichord,flute, vocals
*Antonio Moniz Pereira - guitar, vocals
*Miguel Artur da Silveira - percussion
*Mario Rui Terra - bass, vocals

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