Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Group buying, Collective buying and Coupon deals Ultimate Guide

Group buying, collective buying and coupon deals websites have boomed after it was pioneered by Groupon.  Here are some tips to aid you in choosing the right deals for you.

List of Group buying, collective buying and coupon deals sites in the Philippines:

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How to evaluate coupon deals:
  1. Know the product being sold and the establishment offering them - Coupon Deals can be good or bad so its better to check as much as you can

  • This is very important!  Let me share our previous experience: (will add more as time passes)

  • Some items are being sold at a minimum of 50% off may be enticing but do check if the discount is really seasonal.  Like a nearby salon that has been handing out a 50% off promo for the past 6 months!

  • Check the industry standard for the price.  For example a nail spa may normally cost 200 php.  When you see a deal at 80% off but amounting to 500 php then you're not saving but instead you're spending more.  Unless you really know or prefer that brand, better do more research first if its worth it.

     2.  Check its claiming policy.
  • It might provide for a specific date or time which you are not able to meet. 

  • It might exclude items you want to purchase.

      3.  Only go for verified coupon sites.  Regardless whether the deal is tempting.

      4.  Take note of the whether the quantity is limited and if not the time left to purchase so that
           you know how much time you have to consider the deal.

           NOTE: Most sites update every midnight but special deals may pop out any time of the
                       day.  Some sites do not offer their deals daily.

      5. Check the payment method to see if you are able to choose any of them.

How to interpret Coupon Deals
  1. Check how many purchased to know if the product is good or bad, popular or unpopular and woth it or not.

Use consolidating sites if your out of time like:
NOTE: may be:
  • Incomplete

  • Delayed

Try to purchase in local currency to avoid foreign exchange rate losses because foreign exchange rates are usually understated.  
  • For example: Although I can avail of 7% discount on my purchase by using my virtual card, I may lose more because of the low foreign exchange rate.  Try and compare each time and see which is the better option.  Problem is you may not know what the rate of exchange the banks will use during the time of purchase.

Keep track of all your coupon purchases to ensure all are claimed before expiry.

To earn more credits, most coupon sites give incentives when you refer a friend.

If you think you cannot claim your coupon, you can still sell them here:

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