Thursday, July 21, 2011

Winning a Sibling Rivalry over LG Optimus "It's Genius Blogging Contest"

A few months ago, my little sister and I joined a blogging contest together because of sibling rivalry.  We wanted to prove that one was better than the other.  I have to admit, I always lost.  But I've always tried my best.
Despite my difficulty from catching up with my day-to-day school lessons, I worked hard for my entry and submitted it at the last minute.  I did a thorough review and made it with sincerity.  I entitled it "Got to be a Genius with LG Optimus 2x and Optimus Black" (see separate entry)  I was being true to myself in admitting that I want to be a genius.  Doesn't everybody feel the same way?

It's funny that we've been teasing each other everyday for a few days now.  We were telling each other that there has already been an announcement and that we won.  Yet today, when we least expect it, the result really came.

I went home from school tired so I was surprise to be informed that I won the contest.  I was surprised and shocked.  When we were making our entries, everyone told me that hers was a sure win and my entry was disorganized.  

So this is how it feels to win... Not really as I expected.  I'd be happier if my sister and I both won. In my honest opinion, her creativity was better than mine.  Even her title "A Prescription for  Genius Transformation" (see separate entry) was cool.

I realized that winning or losing over sibling rivalry is not an end point.  It is a gift of motivation.  I'm lucky to have a great little sister.  If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have pushed my limits.  It's not really about winning or losing.  It's about motivating each other to strive harder.  It's really fun.  One contest has passed and we have so many things to compete for as long as we live.=)  Frankly, I don't mind being at the back catching up with a lot of great people.  I believe that as long as I go on, maybe someday I can change the pace and go side by side with them.  

Everything feels fuzzy so I wrote my thoughts and hopefully tomorrow this won't turn out to be a dream.=)

How about you have you ever experienced sibling rivalry?  Is this circumstance familiar?  What are your thoughts on it?  

Update: According to my sister's blog statistics no one visited her entry during the entire period... Now, I'm thinking my win could just be a fluke.=(

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