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Smoke - Carry On Your Idea (1969 us heavy boogie psychedelic & blues rock, 2004 reissue - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Reissue on CD of the first album by USA heavy psych/blues boogie rock band smoke, not to be mistaken for the Michael Lloyd (West Coast) Smoke.

This album was originally from 1969 and released on the UNI label - the band were originally from Texas and known as the Nomads.

This album opens with the 19 minute psychedelic boogie number "M.C. Boogie" and sets the tone for the album - lot's of guitar breaks and pounding organ work on the whole album which fuses blues, boogie,underground,rock,folk in to one big pot!

Originally known as The Nomads and based in Houston, Texas, this band issued two 45s under that name. They became known as Smoke in mid-1968. They later moved on to San Francisco where they gigged mainly at biker venues.

Led by John Orvis, who composed all their material, their music can best be described as "psychedelic boogie", epitomised by the nineteen minute M.C. Boogie on the first album. Loads of energy, jiving vocals, good guitar solos and powerful organ parts.

Smoke was the band of John Orvis, biker and musician who played for the greatests: Neil Diamond, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Cocker, Eric Burdon, etc.. / An underrated record!

Smoke - Choose It:

Track list:
01. M. C. Boogie (18'53")
02. Choose It (06'04")
03. Red Haired Man (04':00")
04. Pepper Trees (03'39")
05. Carry On Your Idea (05'20")

Smoke (US):
*John Orvis - guitar, banjo and harp
*Eddie Beyer - keyboards
*Richard Floyd - bass
*Phil Parker - drums
*Earl Finn - bongos, bells, whistles, harmonica, tambourine, organ, bass, guitar

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