Monday, July 11, 2011

Secret Oyster - Sea Son (1974 denmark great instrumental mix of jazz, rock, progressive and fusion - 2nd album - FLAC)

A new rhythm section on this album as they add former BURNIN' RED IVANHOE bass player Jess Staehr, and former CORONARIAS DANS drummer Ole Streenberg.

As for the music, i would say this is a more mature release when compared to the debut,the guitar is toned back so there's more balance,and there's more variety as well.

In the liner notes they mention that the arrangements are more complicated making this more of a challenge for the band to play.

These guys are up for the challenge though 'cause they can flat out play. "Oysterjungle" is a jazzy tune with strings and sax that come and go.

Those are my least favourite parts of the song as i prefer the bass/drum intro and the more laid back sections.

"Mind Movie" is my favourite tune on here. Again the relaxed passages are so good during the first half of the song. They are led by piano at first and then guitar. The bass lines are excellent as well. The guitar takes over the second half of the song with some fantastic psychedelic jamming. This all starts at 4 1/2 minutes and goes to the end. At times the guitar is so emotional,just an unbelieveable section of music.

"Pajamamafia" opens with a beautiful atmospheric section that is led at first by piano and then acoustic guitar.It turns uptempo before 2 minutes as drums, guitar, sax and trumpet all shine the rest of the way.

"Black Mist" features some nice guitar early as a good beat comes in. Keys join in and then sax as it starts to rip it up for the next 2 minutes.

"Painforest" opens with strings. A change before 2 1/2 minutes as guitar comes in tastefully and leads the rest of the way. Nice.

"Paella" is like an intense swirling mass of fusion as guitar and trumpet light it up while bass and drums create the heavy beat. Great song to end the album.

I do prefer their debut by quite a bit. It rocks out more as the guitar really drives that album. This one has taken longer to grow on me, but it has grown to 4 stars, barely. I expect it to be a solid 4 stars eventually (by Mellotron Storm) .

Mind Movie:

Track List:
01.Oysterjungle (2:57)
02.Mind movie (9:14)
03.Pijamamafia (6:07)
04.Black mist (3:40)
05.Painforest (5:40)
06.Paella (8:23)

Secret Oyster:
*Claus Bøhling / acoustic & electric guitars
*Kenneth Knudsen / piano, Moog synthesizers
*Jess Staehr / acoustic & electric basses
*Ole Streenberg / drums, percussion
*Karsten Vogel / alto & soprano saxes, organ

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