Friday, July 1, 2011

Randy Holden - Guitar God 2001 (1997 us heavy psychedelic, hard rock and blues rock - FLAC)

When I first contacted Randy Holden I immediately recognized his name. I couldn't place him though.

After more thought and reflection, I realized that this was the man that replaced Leigh Stephens in Blue Cheer back in 1968. And he did a really nice job filling those shoes.

Well, here it is 2001 and Randy is blazing his own path, producing and releasing his own music via the Internet.

He told me before I received the CD that I would love it. He was right on the money. I was in awe of the guitar playing on this CD.

The third track "Prayer To Paradise" is over twenty-two minutes long. My god, that's an entire CD for some folks ! It's a cosmic ride of instrumental fire.

Holden reaches down real deep and lets his guitar do all the talking. What you will hear will leave your mouth agape wondering why you haven't heard of this great musician.

Using middle-eastern flavored high-powered rock, Holden cuts loose an unembellished arsenal of crunching, power driven chords that will leave you in disbelief of what you heard when it finally ends.

I thought of Hendrix, Zappa, and Dick Dale while I was taking in this awe-inspiring journey of rock nirvana. If that wasn't enough, "I'll Take Your Blues Away" kicks in to close things out.

A female vocalist by name of Rachel Stavage sets the song ablaze with her authoritative vocal style.

Holden's playing on this number is scorching, and truly befitting of blues-rock number. Hang on to your a**.

This guy will blow you away. If you like hard rocking guitar jams, you will think you died and went to heaven when you hear this CD (Keith Hannaleck).

Space Surf Rider:

1. Space Surf Rider
2. I Sail on Love
3. Prayer to Paradise
4. I'll Take Your Blues Away

Randy Holden : Guitar, Vocals (1,3)
Randy Pratt : Bass (1,2,4)
Darren Lyons : Drums (1,3,4)
Phil Weiss : Drums (2)
Rachel Stavage : Vocals (4)

Recorded 1997 At E-R-S, N.Y.C.
Produced By Randy Holden
Cover Art & Design: Marlon Holden

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