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Moshi Monsters Guide (Moshi Monsters Walkthrough)

Moshi Monsters Guide (Moshi Monsters Walkthrough)

If you are just discovering Moshi Monsters for the first time -- either as the parent of a player or as a player -- you are likely feeling more than just a little confused, having been dropped into a fantasy world that, already three plus years in the making, is busy with so much to do that it can feel overwhelming on a good day. Well no worries mate, we have your back!

This guide will introduce you to Moshi Monsters, get you well-grounded, and give you the basic and advanced knowledge that you need to receive the maximum fun and entertainment that the game can offer! Along the way you will learn some tricks, and become am expert member of the Moshi Community -- because while it is a game, Moshi Monsters is also a community that has been described as the "Facebook for Kids" and, as such, has become the preferred destination for well over 25-million gamers who love their Moshi!

Every journey begins with an understanding of where it is you are going, and in the case of Moshi Monsters, that starts with a definition of what the game -- and its site -- actually is: Moshi Monsters is a social networking online game and virtual pet site targeted at children aged 6 to 12 that has become popular with gamers of all ages.

Its basic structure is very similar to that of games like Webkinz and Club Penguin -- but without the toys that are associated with those two. In place of the toys, Moshi Monsters has a free basic level of membership that allows the player to adopt a monster and play with them, as well as a subscription fee system called the Passport that adds more complex elements to the game, such as special locations and destinations like The Port, The Underground Disco, Gift Island, and more.

Moshi Monsters Guide (Moshi Monsters Walkthrough)

Moshi Monsters Guide (Moshi Monsters Walkthrough)

A membership subscription also gives access to special content like larger housing, special member-only games, and access to exclusive content that you can purchase for yourself or for your mates. In addition to exclusive areas and games, membership also makes it easier to earn Rox, providing opportunities that the basic members do not have.

While Moshi Monsters differs from games like Webkinz in that you do not have to purchase a stuffed animal in order to obtain basic membership, it does have a line of products that are associated with it that are targeted at the 6 to 12 age range, including companion books, stickers, trading cards, stuffed and plush animals, toys, and collectibles, which means that chances are very good that you will find yourself Moshing out in real life as well as in the game!

The game was developed in 2007 by the British media company Mind Candy, and launched in April 2008 to nearly instant popularity. In the brief three years since its population has exploded, with well more than 25-million players regularly logging in to spend time with their Moshi.

At its very basic essence this is a game in which the player adopts and cares for a pet monster who lives in its own house in the game. The process of taking care of your monster often includes playing games and solving puzzles, which often result in the player earning rewards that are called Rox -- a virtual currency that can be used to buy items like food, drinks, clothes, and toys for the adopted monster as well as items with which to decorate their home.

While Moshi Monsters has been called the Facebook for kids in terms of revenue it is not -- in place of the micro-transaction system that is found on Facebook Moshi Monsters uses premium media purchases with noted success.

The service emphasizes its three core elements: Fun, Education and Safety -- the contents are education oriented and while there are social media aspects to the game and site, these are limited in scope in order to limit communication risks. Bearing in mind that not all players are of the age range, these limitations are sensible and functional.

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