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Free Download Plant Tycoon 2011 Full Version

Well this one game Fish Tycoon is a twin who also Real Time gameplay. Same with Fish Tycoon and Virtual Villagers (3 series) the game was made by Last Day Of Work.

The story you are told to be a seller of ornamental plants buy seeds, planted crops, watering, treat and sell it.

Your main task is to find the 6 Magic plant. It is nice (especially for the same love of ornamental plants) but it took a long time to succeed.

Quite right, it could be a lover of flowers at no cost. FREE do not need to bother. But also ga 'can be sold.

Investment Process

How to plant different crops, depending on the type of plants. Each plant has a physical condition that other one with another and therefore should you want to really pay attention to plant how to plant these crops. Here will not discuss how to plant industrial crops because these crops are more specific and more complex treatment.

Farmers should pay attention to the seasons, soil conditions, rainfall, and other lain.Untuk ornamental plants, planting plants can be placed at 2 different places, pots or in soil. For some plants such as orchids, can be placed in a tree that will be the media of these plants to attach to and live but not parasites.

To note if you want to plant a crop is to adjust the natural conditions of plant origin with the area where you will plant the crop. Plants from cold regions will be difficult to adapt to local environmental heat. You are buying plants in colder regions and will plant it in a hot area first of all need to adjust your crop to be planted.

Do not first remove your plant from its pot and plant it directly in the ground because the plants will die because of drought. Give plenty of water to your plants, but regular and on the third day of planting where you want it. Note also whether the plants are sensitive to sunlight or not. Do not forget to pay attention to your plants by regular watering in the afternoon, when the sun is not too hot and provide fertilizer and plant eliminates annoying.

Planting naturally are planting plants with soil media that contain substances that plants need. But now found a way to plant crops in the media instead of soil. For some densely populated countries where prices are very expensive land, planting crops with the media instead of soil Projects Are critical solutions.

In Japan, plants grown in aqueous media and this is an important solution to the country where the planting of agricultural crops in the ground in large quantities and is something that is not possible given the land prices in Japan are very expensive. In Indonesia, the media instead of planting crops in the ground is still not too popular because Indonesia is a country with fertile land abound. But for ornamental plants, planting the popular media began to gel. This is because in addition to not dirty, gel medium is also practical and free from the distractions that usually appear as well as insect pests of plants and termites.

Growers need only add water to care for their crops. But the gel is still expensive and the price is still not reaching the wider community. In addition the gel is not weakness could be a planting medium to larger plants, because larger plants require lots of gel which means having to spend more money.

Treatment plants

Many things must be considered for treating plants. Caring for plants not only provide sufficient water and fertilizer so that plants grow lush and healthy, but also pay attention to the type of plant, soil conditions, climate and diseases that could potentially strike.

It is important to prevent plants from plants or insects that interfere. When you find a weed or weeds, then it should be done weeding or the killing is disturbing the plants. Weeds growing around the plants such as grass or shrub shrubs can be removed by pembubunan soil around the plants. Weeding should be done this routine for 2 or 3 times a week or adapted to the conditions.

The second thing to consider is fertilization. Fertilizer can be given a natural fertilizer or fertilizers that can be given in the leaves, soil or other parts. Just like weeding, fertilizing is also provided with regular, but not too much and not too often because it can disrupt the balance of the composition of the soil.

The most important thing is to pay attention to watering the plants tersbeut. Keep in mind that watering is tailored to the needs of a plant as well as rainfall in the area where the plants grow. Keep the plants do not wilt and water shortages because the result would be fatal.

Beware of the incidence of pests and diseases in plants. Find out information about a specific pest or disease that often strikes before planting a crop to make the tackle when the plant disease.

Finally, frequent pruning, especially for shrubs and trees. In addition to forming the tree, trimming plants can also speed up the conception, rejuvenate plants, and so forth. For trees, the establishment of the plant meant that the tree can produce more flowers. Reduction of the leaf is so that more trees can produce a net assimilation so that fruit can quickly proceed quickly. Do not forget to cut the twigs, leaves and other plant parts are exposed to diseases not transmitted to the part or other plants.

Basically it is not difficult to care for plants. When done regularly, taking care of plants can be a fun hobby. Some people claim that taking care of plants can relieve stress.

Video Trailer Plant Tycoon Games :  


* Played in Real Time Gameplay (Time of our time)
* More than 500 species of plants
* You can collect various types of insects that interfere
* Lots of different seeds to experiment
* Images are detailed and beautiful for plants grown
* The plants are grown can be cut and diguntingi we like (If you die do not blame me)
* The mission to find the 6 Magic Plant
* Game simulation: Caring for plants in the Virtual

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Enjoy The Games.

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