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All About Games (Know more about the games and how to create it)


All about games-In the era of the development era of rapid technological developments, such as card games, chess and others can be met through the virtual world or that we usually play on the computer. With the development of this technology now comes the various means of games, such as Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PSP, Nintendo DS, or PC from an individual-based and multiplayer games.

Understanding computer game according to some experts:

- According to Chris Crawford, a computer game designer suggested that the game is basically an interactive, activity centered on an achievement, there are active participants, there is your opponent.

- According to David Parlett, Game is something that has "end and means": means any purpose, results and a series of rules to achieve both.

- According to Roger Caillois, a French sociologist, in his book Les jeux et les Hommes state gaming is an activity that includes the following characteristics: fun (free play is an option but not the obligation), separate (separate), uncertain, non-productive, governed by rules (no rules), fictitious (pretend).

- According to Clark C. Abt, Game is an activity involving the player's decision, seeking to achieve with "limited by the particular context" (eg, limited by regulation).

- According to Bernard Suits Game is a "voluntary efforts to overcome unnecessary obstacles". "Unnecessary barriers".

- According to Greg Costikyan, game is "a form of art in which participants, called players, make decisions to manage the resources possessed by objects in the game in order to achieve objectives".

- This definition is from the book Rules of Play Katie Salen and Eric works Zimmerman, Game is a "system where players perform mock conflict, defined by the rules, which provide measurable results."


Computer gaming has been around since about 1960. Since the development of the microprocessor industry, mainframes and minicomputers. One of the first computer game was developed in 1961. When MIT students Martin Graetz and Alan Kotok, Steve Russell to hire, resulting in "Spacewar!" on a PDP-1 mainframe computer.

The first generation of PC games are usually in the form of 'text-adventures' or 'interactive fiction', in which the player communicates with the computer through the input on using the keyboard. The first text-adventure game is the 'Adventure' built for the PDP-11 by Will Crowther in 1976 and further developed by Don Woods in 1977. Upon entering the 1980s, the PC has full support for running the game kind of 'Adventure'. In this period, the graph then menjadin important element in making games.

In 1952, U. S. Douglas wrote for a PhD at the University of Cambridge Department of Human-Computer Interraction. Douglas created a graphical computer game called Tic-Tac-Toe. The game was programmed on EDSAC vacuum-tube computer that has the look katode.William Higinborham ray tube to create the first video game in 1958. This game is titled "Tennis for Two", was created and played at Brookhaven National Laboratory oscilloscope.

Video games were first introduced in 1971 as a commercial entertainment medium. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, video games become an important basis for the entertainment industry in the United States, Japan, and Europe.

In 1967, Ralph Baer created the first video game to television dimaikan, named Chase. Ralph Baer eventually became part of Sanders Associates, a military electronics company. Ralph idea is coined for the first time in 1951, while working for a computer company Loral. In 1971, Nolan Bushnell, along with Ted Dabney, created the first arcade game. The game is called 'Computer Space', which was created based on the game "Spacewar!". Then, in 1972, the arcade game Pong was created by Nolan Bushnell (with help from Al Alcorn). Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney start Atari Computer with in the same year.

In 1975, Atari re-released Pong as a home video game.Tahun 1972, the first entertainment commercial video games can be played at home. 'Odyssey', released by Magnavox and designed by Ralph Baer. The game engine was originally designed when Ralph Baer was still at Sanders Associates in 1966, Baer care to obtain legal permission after being rejected by Sanders Associates. Odyssey game programmed with twelve permainan.Pada 1976, Fairchild launched the first programmable home game and was named the Fairchild Video Entertainment System or the Channel F. Channel M is one of the first electronic system created menggunakanmicrochip oelh Robert Noyce to Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation.


The following is a classification game berdasrkan limiting age, according to the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), which is:

Early Childhood (3 +) have content that may be suitable for ages 3 and older. Does not contain objectionable material parents would find.

Everyone (6 +) have content that may be suitable for ages 6 and older. Titles in this category may contain little cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and / or infrequent use of mild language.

Everyone (10 +) have content that may be suitable for ages 10 and older. Titles in this category may contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and / or minimal suggestive themes.

Teen (13 +) have content that may be suitable for ages 13 and over tuaJudul-titles in this category may contain violence, suggestive themes, crude humor, a little blood, simulated gambling, and / or infrequent use of strong language.

Mature (17 +) have content that may be suitable for persons ages 17 and older. Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and / or strong language.

Adults Only (18 +) have content that should only be played by persons 18 years and older. Titles in this category may include long intense scenes of violence and / or graphic sexual content and nudity.

RP (Rating Pending) have been submitted to the ESRB and is awaiting final assessment. (This symbol appears only in advertising before the game was released.)

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is an independent regulatory organization that assesses a video game, advertising guidelines, privacy principles online video games and other entertainment software in Canada and the United States. The ESRB was formed in 1994 by the Entertainment Software Association (formerly Interactive Digital Software Association). Since 2003, the ESRB has assessed 8.000 games in production by 350 video game publishers.



- Simulation, Construction and management. Video Games of this type often describe the world in it as close as possible to the real world and pay attention to the details of various factors. From looking for a mate and a job, build a house, building to the city, set taxes and city funds to the decision to fire or adding employees. World of domestic life to build a business conglomerate, from selling lemonade to build roadside cloning lab. Video Games of this type makes the players must think to establish, build and solve the problem using limited funds. Example: Sim City, The Sims, Tamagotchi.

- Simulation of the vehicle. This type of video game experience or interactivity as close as possible to the original vehicle, muskipun sometimes vehicles are still experimental or even fictitious, but there is special emphasis on detail and realistic experience using such vehicles. Divided into several types:

a. War. Video game simulation of a vehicle that was popular in the late '90s it invites players to ride vehicles and fight against other vehicles. And most of them have the same title with the name of the vehicle. Examples: 64 Apache, Comanche, Abrams, YF-23, F-16 fighting eagle.

b. Racing. From the name obviously, who is up first at the finish line he was the winner! Sometimes even the players can choose a vehicle, dressing, and even painted the engine upgrades. Example: Top Gear, Test Drive, Sega Rally Championship, Daytona, Grand Turismo, Need For Speed, Mario Cart, ManXTT.

c. Space. While the vehicle can still be considered a simulation of war, but all the elements of science fiction and the many outstanding titles make this subgenre worth war is categorized outside the vehicle simulation. This type allows players to explore space, at war with an alien creature, landed on the planet middle of nowhere or just want to feel how to be captain in your favorite science fiction movie. Example: Wing Commander, Freelancer, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Tie Fighter, etc..

d. Mecha. The idea that almost no one is exposed by the film when his little robots do not dream of Japanese wanted to control the robot, it's hard to argue with. Popularized by the Mechwarrior series by Activision, subgenres Mecha Simulation allows players to control the robot and use it to destroy buildings, helicopters and of course the other robots. Example: Mechwarrior, Chronicles Gundam Last war, and Armored Core.


- Edugames. Video Games of this type are made with a specific purpose as an educational tool, whether for belajr recognize colors for toddlers, recognize letters and numbers, math, to learn a foreign language. Developers who make it, must take into account a variety of things that this game can really educate, increase knowledge and improve skills to play it. Target segmentation players must also be adjusted to the level of difficulty and visual design or animation. Example edugames: Bobi Ball, Dora the Explorer, Adventure Billy and Tracy.

- Puzzle. Video games of this type as the name cored about solving the puzzle, whether it's the Block, equalize color ball, solving mathematical calculation, through the maze, until pushing the city into its proper place, it's all included in this type. Often this type of game is also an element in the video game adventure games and educational games. Tetris, Minesweeper, Bejeweled, Sokoban and Bomberman.


- Action - Shooting (shooting, or beat-beating could also stab-stab, depending on the story and characters in it), video games require this type is the speed of reflexes, eye-hand coordination, as well as timing, the core of this type of game is shoot, shoot and shoot. Included in it:

a. First Person Shooting (FPS) such as Counter Strike and Call of Duty.

b. Drive n 'shoot, using elements simulating the vehicle but still with the main goal to shoot and destroy the opponent, for example: Spy Hunter, the Rock and Roll. Racing, Road Rash.

c. Shoot em 'up, like Raiden, 1942, and gradius.

d. Beat 'em up (hit the beat) like Double Dragon and Final Fight, then hack and slash (puncture-free) such as Shinobi and Legend of Kage.

e. Light gun shooting, which uses alay generally shaped like a weapon, such as Virtua Cop and Time Crisis.

- Fighting (battle) There are classifying video fighting game in the Action, but the authors argue differently, this type does require the speed of reflexes and eye-hand coordination, but the core of this game is mastery of tactics (and how to smoothly execute it memorized), character recognition and the timing is very important, oh yes, combo-became essential to defeat the opponent as quickly as possible. And as diverse as action games in general are generally only against the Artificial Intellegence or common names alone against the computer, the player is a new type of fighting game tested with real skills against other players. Street Fighter series, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Soul Calibur and King of Fighter is an example.

- Action - Adventure. Entering the underground cave, jump over the lava rocks, hanging from one tree to another tree, wrestling with a snake while looking for keys to open the door of the legendary temple, or simply find a pay phone to get the next mission, that some of the many things that player characters should be do and go through in this type of video games. According to the authors, this type of game has progressed far up into the genre of action beat-em mixed up too, and now, in the 2000's, this type tend to have 3D visuals and the viewpoint of all three. Tomb Raider, Grand Theft Auto and Prince of Persia included.

- Adventure. The difference with this type of action-adventure video game, reflexes and cunning players in motion, running, jumping or shooting up lashing is not needed here. Video games put more emphasis on pure adventure storylines and thinking skills to analyze places the player visually, solve puzzles and concludes the series of events and conversations of characters to use objects at exactly the right place. These include:

a. Adventure with text or point and click system, for example: Kings Quest, Space Quest, Heroes Quest, Monkey Island, Sam and Max,

b. Interactive novels or films, such as game "dating" a widely circulated in Japan, Dragons Lair and Night Trap.

- Role Playing. Video games of this type in accordance with its translation, role playing, has an emphasis on character / role of representative players in the game, which usually is the main character, where as we play, the character can change and evolve toward a desired player (usually becomes more intense , the stronger, more influential, etc.) in a variety of parameters are usually determined by an increased level, both from the status of intelligence, speed and strength of character, an increasingly powerful weapons, or the number of friends and being peliharaan.Secara culture, Japanese game developers usually create a Role Playing Games (RPG) at a linear story that is directed as if our character is a character in the story, like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Xenogears. While the European RPG game developers, tend to create a character we are free to choose the way the story itself is non-linear, such as Ultima, Never Winter Nights, baldurs gate, Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

- Sports. Clear concise, playing sports on your PC or console. Usually cultivated serealistik game though sometimes there may be an added element of fiction such as NBA JAM. Examples were clear, Winning Eleven Series, the NBA series, FIFA series, John Madden NFL, Lakers vs. Celtics, Tony Hawk pro skater, etc..

- Multiplayer Online. The gameplay is another trend in Indonesia and even the world, became one of the turning point of why the world of gaming and the Internet in Indonesia can be developed. And because it is played online and by using a voucher payment system, piracy is not a problem anymore. Games that can be played simultaneously by more than 2 people (can even reach tens of thousands of people at a time) makes the players can play together in a virtual world than just chatting to kill dragons playing with a friend who knows where. Generally these types of games played on PCs and themed RPG, although there is also the theme music or action. Example: Ragnarok Online, O2jam, World of Warcraft, Let's Dance, Lineage, an online Rose.

- Casual games. As the name implies, a casual game that is not complex, the game relaxed and very easy to learn (and even tended to be played directly). This type usually requires a standard computer specs in their time and size is not more than 100 MB because it usually can be downloaded demo version of it in its official website. Genre puzzle or action game is usually simple and generally can be played using only the mouse (usually the other games use a lot of buttons depending on its game). For example: Diner Dash, Sally's Salon, Bejeweled, Zuma, Feeding Frenzy, Insaniquarium.



Game Engine

A game engine is a software system designed for the creation and development of video games. There are many game engines that are designed to work on video game consoles and desktop operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. Functional core is typically provided by a game engine that includes a rendering engine ("renderer") for 2D or 3D graphics, physics engine and collision detection (and collision response), sound, script, animation, artificial intelligence, networking, streaming, memory management, threading , and the scene graph. The process of game development is often saved because the majority of games reusing the same game engine to create different games.

Game engines provide a visual development tool for the purpose of software components can be reused. These tools are generally provided in an integrated development environment to enable simplified, rapid development of games on data-driven way. These game machines are sometimes called "game middleware" because, like the business with understanding, they provide a flexible and reusable software platform that provides all the core functionality needed, right from the box, to develop a game application while reducing costs, complexity , and time-to-market-all critical factors are highly competitive video game industry.

Like other middleware solutions, game engines usually provide a platform abstraction, which allows the same game to run on multiple platforms including game consoles and personal computers with little, if any, changes are made to the game source code. Often, game middleware is designed with a component-based architecture that allows certain systems in the machine which will be replaced or extended with more specialized (and often more expensive) middleware components such as the Havok physics, FMOD for sound, or Scaleform for UI and video. Some game engines such as RenderWare even designed as a series of loosely connected middleware components that can be selectively combined to create a custom engine, instead of a more general approach to extend or customize a flexible integrated solution. However, extensibility is achieved, it remains a high priority in the game engine for a variety of uses that they are applied. Although the name uniqueness, game machines are often used for this type of interactive real-time applications with graphical requirements such as marketing demos, architectural visualization, simulation exercises, and environmental modeling.

Some game engines only provide real-time, instead of the 3D rendering capabilities of the various functions required by the game. These machines rely on game developers to implement all this functionality or assemble from other game middleware components. Machines of this type generally referred to as "graphics engine," "rendering engine," or "3D engine" instead of a more include the term "game engine." However, this terminology is inconsistently used as many full-featured 3D game engine referred to simply as "3D engines." Some examples of graphics engines are: RealmForge, Truevision3D, ogre, Crystal Space, Genesis3D, and JMonkey Irrlicht Engine. Modern games or graphics engine generally provide a scene graph, which is an object-oriented representation of the 3D game world which often simplifies game design and can be used for more efficient rendering of vast virtual world.

Game Tools

A game development tool is a specialized application software that help or facilitate the creation of a computer or video games. Some tasks are handled by the tool include conversion of assets (such as 3D models, textures, etc.) into the format required by the game, edit and compile the script level.

Almost all the development tools developed by the developers of custom games for one game. Although the device can be reused for later games, they almost always start as a resource for one game. While many COTS packages used in the production of game-like 3D packages like Maya and 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and graphics editor such as Microsoft Visual Studio IDE, they are not considered as a means of developing games solely because they have used the game outside of development.

Plaything may or may not be released along with the final game, depending on what tool is used for. For the contemporary game, usually to cover at least a level editor with games that require them.


Interaction with others can be done in games that are multiplayer games. In this game we do not play by yourself but we play with a lot of people who come from different backgrounds. Interaction is done in addition to communication is the co-operation in completing the game. Some games that are like dota and CS team place great importance on teamwork rather than individual skills. Another thing we need to consider also is how much influence the game against gamers. Beberpa games can indeed give a bad influence on people who play it. Gamers often play a game that has elements of violence usually has a strong character such as games played. To avoid this, a game developer should be able to think of how much effect the game he made. In addition, a player must have the ability to not be affected by games played.


Artificial Intelligent (AI), an artificial intelligence technology became a concept to develop interactive games. In this interactive game strived figures therein are able to talk with the players game. Besides this game is made with three-dimensional view, is to strengthen the impression as if gamers really are "chatting" with game characters. "Chatbot", a term for the game characters can talk, will direct the players in order to create a discussion guide much the "disconnected" as if we interact with someone different character.

This interactive game will be introduced in the event the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Santa Monica, California. This event is an exhibition of a special international class at computer entertainment segments. While Microsoft will show it off in a project called Christmas. This game will feature Milo, a character who could talk to a human. The developers hope that this game is categorized as a separate game which is The First Person Talker.


We all love to play games but not many of us who can make your own game for game programming is quite difficult. But now we can make good quality games like what we want with the help of technology applications. Here are a variety of applications to make games that can be used anyone who wants to make your own game.

Create Flash-Based Games

1. AlbinoBlackSheep
Here a lot of games and videos, including tutorials on how to make flash-based games.

2. FlashKit
Here you can find a lot of work with flash tutorials include step by step guide to several types of games.

3. Kirupa
Lots of extensive tutorials to make flash games including guides for specific games like shooter game.

4. Lassie Adventure Studio
With this application, you can create images for 2D adventure games with mdah and make the game.

5. Sploder
Here you can make flash games from various types of objects and then put it on MySpace, Blogger and other sites.

Creating Standards and guidelines Game

1. Anim8or
Application modeling 3D animation for games that are easy to use.

2. Byond
Here you can make your own game with the help of alikasi equipment already provided and then you are sharing with others for their opinions.

3. Game Discovery
Here everything you want to make games there, making characters, making the gameplay and also you can find ideas to make the game here.

4. Martin Piecyk's Website 7Emfp27/gamemaking /
Guide to learn how to create games with accompanying links to various sources.

5. VGMusic
If you want to add sound effects or soundtrack of the game you created, you can find here, a lot of midi files that you can use for games that you created.

6. Visionaire2d
This application can help you make a 2D adventure game without programming knowledge.

7. YoYoGames
Here you will find lots of supplies to make games such as beta testing, download, work in progress, community, and many others.

Creating a RPG Game

a. Charas-Project
Easy to use character generator for RPG character that you want to make.

b. CrankEye
There are plenty of guides to make a RPG like character editor, soundfile and so forth.

c. DualSolace
Here you can find software to make 2D MMORPG game RealFeel.

d. FreeMMORPGMaker
Free software to create a MMORPG, including parts for games such as characters, effects and sound.

e. PhanxGames
You can make RPG and also with making the graphics, sound files midi, wav, and then when you are finished making it, you can upload it on the site up to size 50 MB.

f. PlayerWorlds
Popular applications are widely used to make the RPG game series.

g. RPG Maker
RPG Maker program at this site there are some series that you can choose your own.

h. RPGCrisis
Here you can find various downloads and applications to create a RPG on the various systems if the PC or the other.

i. RPG Revolution
Equipment and applications to make RPG games on more than 13 different gaming systems making.

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