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SBB - Complete Tapes 1974 (1974 poland progressive rock - digipack double CD edition - MP3 320K and FLAC)

SBB is one of the most important Polish bands of the seventies. This band, rightfully listed in the eclectic progressive genre, mainly plays a hybrid of symphonic prog, space/atmospheric prog and fusion.

The band originated from the early seventies, with their initial name being SILESIAN BLUES BAND.

The band was formed by composer, keyboardist, bass-player and extravert vocalist Józef SKRZEK.

Young, but skill-full guitar-player Antymos APOSTOLIS added his great solo's and drummer extraordinaire Jerzy PIOTROWSKi freely experimented with his recognizable fast fills and break-up rhythms.

In the end of '71, after a year full of gigs, the band started a fruitful cooperation with one of Polish most important musicians and song-writers: Czesław NIEMEN.

For a year and a half the band NIEMEN toured in Poland, as well as in Europe. During this period SBB & NIEMEN recorded three critically acclaimed progressive records; "Marionetki" (1972), "Strange is This World" (1972) and "Ode to Venus" (1973). Czesław NIEMEN has his own page on the progarchives.

After this period SBB regrouped itself and changed its name in SZUKAJ - BURZ - BUDUJ (Search - Break - Build up).

In 1974 their first album 'SBB' was recorded live. Though the album lacked cohesiveness (both piano ballads and very dirty experimental rock improvisation), it was a big hit in Poland and soon it ran out of stock. The record was sold on the black market for twice the price.

A unique 2CD digipak containing complete material recorded live during two shows promoting SBB's debut album in April 1974

CD 1 incl. Complete material from the concert played on 19th April 1974, CD 2 incl. Tracks played in different arrangements on 18th April 1974 - This remarkable release is a must-have for the fans of SBB and of the best quality progressive rock.

01.I Need You, Baby
02.Odlot (incl. Odlecieć z wami)
03.Wizje (incl. Erotyk)
04.Wicher w polu dmie

01.Pamięć z nami (incl. Ku pamięci, Wyjątek z wolności)
02.Zostało we mnie
03.Wolność do tyłu (incl. Przed premierą, Freedom With Us, Who Knows, 360 do tyłu)
04.I Need You, Baby *
05.Zostało we mnie *
06.Figo-Fago *
07.Rock For Mack *

* 4 bonus track recorded in 18.04.1974

*Józef Skrzek: vocal, piano, synthesizer (Davolisint), bass guitar, harmonica
*Apostolis Anthimos: guitar
*Jerzy Piotrowski: drums

Notice!!! In the third track on the halfway between the 6th and 7th minute on cd1 there is an error. There is an approx. one second long silent gap, which is not the fault of the rip - it also appears on the original cd. I suppose it may be the mistake of the original mastertape.

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