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The Running Man - The Running Man (1972 uk a fusion of hard rock, prog, free jazz, acid - MP3 320K and WAV)

One of 1972's one-shot bands was THE RUNNING MAN, genuinely credited as a project overseen by Ray RUSSELL or, simpler, one of his numerous records.

On the other hand, there's enough to talk related to the experience of this band and its good work - washed away by the insignificant reception - or its key interest in classic prog (slightly different from Russell's Canterbury-fusion other teasers), fixated within the album's highlights.

Except Gary Windo's (Centipede, Carla Blay, projects with Nick Mason) exotic sax and Russell's distinct guitar, vocalist Alan Greed (also playing piano or bass), Alan Rushton on drums and Jeff Watts on bass even out the sound.

There are close ties between Russell and all the other musicians, given either prior collaborations (like Rushton being part of Russell's Quartet from '68), either further ones (Rushton again and Windo resuming roles on Secret Asylum, Alan Greed appearing on the Live At The I.C.A. retrospective, or Jeff Watts joining on another side-project, Mouse).

Released by RCA Records' Neon, The Running Man is mostly an art-rock expression, perhaps extending a bit towards jazz-rock as well.

References to it are rather peculiar, from CREAM, hints of David BOWIE or Clark Hutchinson to PROCOL HARUM or BJH, something that highlights the soft, "crossover" counterpart of the music.

In other words, a mixture of "catchy melodies, harsh rock singing and jazzy improvisations", of a central prog brew to which not-so-focused more minor styles or the dizzy rock sound all express cut-and-dried contrasts and loosening.

Find Yourself:

Track List:
01 - Higher & Higher
02 - Hope Place
03 - Nicholas
04 - Another
05 - Find Yourself
06 - Look & Turn
07 - If You Like
08 - Spirit
09 - Children
10 - Running Man

Ray Russell - Guitar, Bass
Alan Greed - Vocals, Keyboards
Alan Rushton - Drums
Gary Windo - sax
Harry Beckett - Trumpet, Flugel horn

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