Saturday, June 25, 2011

Roy Buchanan - Rockpalast (1985 us blues rock live at Rockpalast 24 February pro-shot bootleg - DVD-5)

From today's point of view one might hold ROY BUCHANAN maybe crazy, because it offers both the Rolling Stones, Brian Jones, the successor to him as' wanted, as well as Eric Clapton, playing in a band with him, refused.

And I could not at first understand exactly why the American musician, with his songs, I admittedly was not familiar with before I wrote this review, it is decided to forgo the great fame and success, and only his own music to devote.

But if we look "Live At Rockpalast", a recording of a show of 24 February 1985 in Hamburg Markthalle on, you understand this election immediately.

ROY BUCHANAN because is undoubtedly a genius. An exceptional artist, whose talent in a band would never have been given away, or at least not nearly to bear could not have come as that in a solo project has been narrowed his skills in a band collective way and limits would be that he would not really happy with it are can success or not.

And if you can see on the DVD "Live At Rockpalast" one, then, that Buchanan is damn happy with what he does, and finds its fulfillment in playing.

And with that, of course, sympathetic, honest charisma attracts the virtuoso immediately stare at the audience in his spell and makes him more than an hour in a trance the screen, impressed, fascinated, curious to see what elicits tones for the musicians of his Fender Telecaster.

And even though Buchanan joins really just a solo at the other thing that I as could look at YNGWIE MALMSTEEN less than five minutes without getting bored and upset over the forced-to-shop-offices. (From a recording from 1985 can be expected in this respect but not as much anyway) because you look like over the fact that image quality and camera work does not begin to meet today's standards.

This DVD is definitely something for connoisseurs and lovers, because even though it has "Live At Rockpalast" I was very impressed and excited, I'm sure that not everyone can do with a bit of music Roy Buchanan.

Still, I can only recommend a listen even to the songs on this guitar and who can warm up to this sound, should in any case this DVD to heart (by Katharina.Beck)

Blues Shuffle Instrumental:

Video List:
01.Short Fuse (formerly titled "Thing in G")
02.Green Onions
03.Roy's Bluz
04.Walk Don't Run
05.Sweet Dreams
06.Peter Gunn
07.Blues Shuffle Instrumental (formerly titled "Blues in D")
08.Hey Joe
09.Foxy Lady
10.he Messiah Will Come Again
11.Night Train
12.Linda Lu
13.Wayfairing Pilgrim

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