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Masters Apprentices - Fully Qualified - Songs From the Golden Age + DVD bonus (australia r&b, psychedelic, hard and progressive - 2 x DVD ISO format)

Comprehensive DVD on Australia's own Masters Apprentices featuring newly created documentary, film clips and Abbey Road revisited.

They were wild, they were hungry, they were the bad boys of Australian rock 'n' roll.

They were the legendary Masters Apprentices, and between 1965 and 1972 they embraced almost every trend in pop music, from raw R&B and psychedelic pop to full blown progressive rock.

This is the story of how the Masters propelled themselves from the garage to national stardom.

Voted Australia's most popular band, the Masters went on to record in London's famed Abbey Road studios alongside John Lennon before their eventual split in 1972.

'Fully Qualified' takes you on an amazing journey from suburban Adelaide in the early 1960's to the world of puffy shirts, leather, long hair, drugs, groupies and manager exploitation.

Theirs was a life of screaming fans, furious days and even wilder nights. It was all fame and no fortune back then, and the band eventually came to an end in London, penniless after years at the top.

However, the Masters Apprentices had unwittingly blazed a trail for all those who would follow, and had lived by their anthem 'Do what you want to do, be what you want to be' the Masters Apprentices, Australian rock 'n' roll royalty.

Future of Our Nation - Live on GTK:

DVD-1 - Fully Qualified:
01.Introduction - Mustangs to Master
02.Mark 1 - The Early Days
03.The First Gigs
04.The Road Trip to Melbourne
05.Mark 2 - The Quartet
06.Where's Your Guitar?
08.Mark 3, London's Calling
09.Good & Bad
10.Pretty Good Run
12.Because I Love You (Abbey Road Revisted)
13.Death of a King (Abbey Road Revisted)
14.Easy to Lie (Abbey Road Revisted)
15.Elevator Driver
16.Buried & Dead
17.5.10 Man
18.Think About Tomorrow Today
19.Turn Up Your Radio
20.Because I Love You
21.Death of a King
22.Easy to Lie
23.I'm Your Satisfier
24.Rio de Camero
26.Love Is

DVD-2 - Master Apprenctices:
RockArenea Special
01.Because I Love you
02.Future of our Nation - Live on GTK
03.Jim Keays - Undecided

Nightmoves Special
04.Elevator Driver
05.Jim Keays Interview
06.VBecause I Love you

Musicmax Special- Ted Mulry Benefit 2001
07.Turn up your radio
08.Because I Love you

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DVDDecrypter / IMGBURN / Nero etc to recreate, or watch on your PC if you have Daemon Tools Lite to mount it as a drive.

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