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Lazy Smoke - Corridor Of Faces (1969 us psychedelic - arf arf records edition with 11 bonus tracks - MP3 320K and FLAC)

An obscure Massachusetts band of the late 1960s, Lazy Smoke offered a sort of Transatlantic psychedelic sound with roughly equal debts to American and British influences.

Their biggest debt was to the Beatles, and although they were hardly exceptional in that regard, the resemblance commanded more attention due to the fairly close similarity of leader/chief songwriter John Pollano's vocals to those of John Lennon.

Pollano's compositions bore a heavy Lennon stamp as well, often sounding like callower derivations of Lennon's more sedate White Album-era tunes.

They pressed a few hundred copies of one album for the tiny Onyx label in 1969, Corridor of Faces, before splitting.

The record has since attained a modest cult following, and was reissued on CD with a dozen bonus demos (by Richie Unterberger).

Salty People:

Track List:
01.All These Years
02.How Was Your Day Last Night
03.Come With the Day
04.Salty People
06.Under Skys
07.Sarah Saturday
08.There Was a Time
09.Am I Wrong?
10.How Did You Die?
11.I Don't Need the Sun [Unplugged Demo]
12.Changing the Time [Unplugged Demo]
13.I Could Fall Asleep [Unplugged Demo]
14.Wait Till You See [Unplugged Demo]
15.Scarecrow [Unplugged Demo]
16.All These Years [Unplugged Demo]
17.Come With the Day [Unplugged Demo]
18.Salty People [Unplugged Demo]
19.Jackie-Marie [Unplugged Demo]
20.There Was a Time [Unplugged Demo]
21.Sarah Saturday [Unplugged Demo]
22.Am I Wrong? [Unplugged Demo]

Lazy Smoke:
*John Pollano: Vocals, Guitar
*Ralph Mazzotta: Guitar, Vocals
*Bob Door: Bass
*John Villanucci: Piano
*Ray Charron: Drums

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