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July - July (1968 uk, psychedelic rock - 2008 rev ola remaster plus extra tracks - MP3 320k and FLAC)

July were one of the many British Psych bands that came, saw, yet failed to conquer and fizzled out with less than a year notched up on their collective belts. In this short time they did manage to put out two albums, its rarity ensuring original pressings have gone on to attain near-Grail status amongst psych collectors.

The self-titled July was released in 1968, and really is a must-hear for anybody with a passing interest in psychedelic obscurities.

Although heavily influenced by the Californian psych sound, July manage to retain the quirkiness associated more so with the British acid-rock scene, throughout. This is ably demonstrated on the infectiously jaunty ‘Jolly Mary’, which successfully straddles the light-hearted wing of both camps, coming across Beatles-esque, Toytown, and West Coast, all in one eclectic nautical package.

Openers ‘My Clown’ and ‘Dandelion Seeds’ are eerily trippy, while elsewhere ‘Move on Sweet Flower’ is distinctly reminiscent of Gandalf. ‘Friendly Man’ alludes to some decidedly dark subject matter, although that could just be me misreading it, ‘The Way’ covers the eastern-mysticism angle with its energetic sitar-infusion, and ‘Crying is for Writers’ benefits from a scorching psychedelic guitar blitzkrieg slap bang in the middle.

July’s time on the music scene may have been but a slight ripple on an otherwise vast ocean of sound – though the constituent members would go on to enjoy success in various areas of the music industry – but the psychedelic gem they left behind deserves the status it enjoys today as one of the most sought after rarities of the acid era.

Head Full Of Snow

The albums main appeal is its haunting brand of Psychedelia and Rev-Ola are delighted to announce that this special CD issue has four bonus tracks. The gorgeous package is also enhanced by a quantity of previously unpublished photographs and some highly informative CD booklet notes by 60s pop-sike expert David Wells.

1. My Clown (Peter Cook) - 3:25
2. Dandelion Seeds (Tom Newman) - 3:20
3. Jolly Mary (Peter Cook) - 2:22
4. Hallo To Me (Tom Newman) - 3:00
5. You Missed It All (Tom Newman) - 2:52
6. The Way (Tom Newman) - 3:29
7. To Be Free (Peter Cook) - 2:51
8. Move On Sweet Flower (Tom Newman) - 3:28
9. Crying Is for Writers (Tom Newman) - 2:36
10.I See See (Peter Cook) - 2:42
11.Friendly Man (Peter Cook) - 3:11
12.Bird Lived (Peter Cook) - 2:37
13.My Clown (Peter Cook, Single Version) - 3:25
14.Dandelion Seeds (Tom Newman, Single Version) - 3:20
15.Hello, Who's There? (Peter Cook) - 3:11
16.Way See (Tom Newman, Single Version) - 3:29

*Tony Duhig - Lead Guitar, Organ
*Jon Field - Flute, Keyboards
*Chris Jackson - Drums, Organ
*Alan James - Bass
*Tom Newman - Vocals, Guitars

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