Thursday, June 16, 2011

Joe Meek - Vampires, Cowboys, Spacemen And Spooks (1959-1963 uk instrumental surf rock, rock'n'roll, proto psychedelic - MP3 320K and FLAC)

British record producer Joe Meek was ahead of his time in his use of weird effects, unusual arrangements, and technological manipulation to achieve oddball sounds and atmosphere of proto-psychedelic quality.

No one else in the 1960s, aside from Phil Spector, perhaps, had such a distinctive, idiosyncratic style of production.

VAMPIRES, COWBOYS, SPACEMEN & SPOOKS: THE VERY BEST OF JOE MEEK'S INSTRUMENTALS provides the perfect introduction to Meek's sonic universe, which sounds like something between a beach party and a haunted house--in space.

His landmark track for the Tornados, "Telstar," is included here.

Joe Meek, Heinz Burt, And The Tornados Live Footage...

The Saints - Wipe Out:

Disc: 1
01.Night of the Vampire
02.Ridin' the Wind [UK Version]
03.Theme from the Traitors
04.The Spook Walks
05.Green Jeans
06.Surfin' John Brown
07.Oo La La
08.Moon Rocket [#]
09.Dance Legless, Russian
10.Husky Team
11.Swingin' Low
12.Life on Venus [German Version]
14.Cry My Heart
15.March of the Spacemen
16.Hatashiai (Japanese Sword Fight)
17.Jackson's Jump [#]
18.Just for Chicks
19.Union Pacific
20.Keep Moving
22.The Monster
24.Valley of the Sioux
25.Saxon War Cry
26.Exodus [Undubbed Version][#]
28.Can Can 62
29.The Kennedy March
30.Jungle Fever [Stereo Version]

Disc: 2
01.Telstar [Stereo Version]
02.Sunday Date
03.Totem Pole
05.Lost Planet
06.Besame Mucho [#]
07.Tom Tom Cat
09.odge City
10.Lass of Richmond Hill
11.Big Breaker
12.West Point
13.Wipe Out
14.Order of the Keys
15.Reindeer Ride
16.The Theme of Freedom
17.Big Feet
19.There's Something at the Bottom of the Well
20.Poet & Peasant
21.Last Stage West
22.The Spy
23.The Ice Cream Man
24.Evening in Paris
25.Kickin' Around
26.Midnight in Luxembourg
27.Christmas Stocking
28.Shenandoah [#]
29.The Phantom Hussar [#]
30.Return of the Vampire (The Bogey Man)

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