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Hard Stuff - Bulletproof (1972 uk heavy/hard rock feat. John Cann [Andromeda, Atomic Rooster], 2008 japan mini LP reissue - MP3 320K and FLAC)

Reissue of 1971 sledgehammer heavy rock power trio led by guitarist John Cann(Andromeda, Atomic Rooster) and also featuring John Gustafson and Paul Hammond.

John Cann, the guitarist for Hard Stuff, came hot off the heels of Atomic Rooster, a hard driving prog rock group led by keyboardist mastermind, Vincent Crane.

Hard Stuff's Bulletproof, which was released under Deep Purple's Purple Label in 1971, was considerably heavier with thick mounds of aggressive guitar chords and lightning fast leads.

The music itself is very rooted in the 70s and doesn't age as well as say, Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin. But that's really if your ear is untrained to true 70s hard rock authenticism.

Hard Stuff is to Blairwitch Project as Led Zeppelin is to Nightmare on Elm Street, with the latter being more raw, gritty, and not filtered through big production values and commercialism.

Songs on the album like the hard hitting blues fest 'Sinister Minister' or the heavy metal self-document 'Time Gambler', convey a sense of soul, strength, and edginess which seem to be missing in most of today's contemporary hard rock music.

To sum up, if you want to experience the vintage sounds of an obscure long-haired, 70's metal group, then this is it.

It actually includes a version of Ian Gillan's rare "Monster In Paradise". Another gem unearthed from the early 70s UK rock scene. There are some really wild crunching heavy guitar sounds on this.

Hard Stuff - Time Gambler:

Track list:
01. Jay Time [02:52]
02. Sinister Minister [03:32]
03. No Witch At All [05:38]
04. Taken Alive [03:15]
05. Time Gambler (Rodney) [06:14]
06. Millionaire [06:04]
07. Monster In Paradise [04:34]
08. Hobo [03:24]
09. Mr. Longevity - RIP [04:33]
10. The Provider - Part One [02:39]
Bonus Track:
11. Monster In Paradise - Early Mix - [04:48]

Hard Stuff:
*John Cann - guitars, vocals
*John Gustafson - bass, vocals, piano
*Paul Hammond - drums

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