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The Association - Just The Right Sound Antology (1965-1972+1981 us folk and pop rock - compilation with 2 CDs and 51 tracks - MP3 320K and FLAC)

The Association turned the pop world on its ear with spine-tingling harmonies, a big California folk-pop sound, and top-notch original material.

Founded in 1965 by Russ Giguere, Jules Gary Alexander, Ted Bluechel, Terry Kirkman, Jim Yester, and Brian Cole, the band broke into the national spotlight in 1966 with “Along Comes Mary” and “Cherish.”

The follow-up album was a hit later that year, prompting Warner Bros. to sign them and release their third album, 1967’s Insight Out, which featured another #1 hit in “Windy.”

Though The Association’s glory days were the late ’60s and early ’70s, they continued to record and perform sporadically throughout the ’80s. Back on the scene during the ’90s, a revamped band once again hit the road for the benefit of its worldwide legion of fans.

Just The Right Sound: The Association Anthology is the definitive collection of hits, album tracks, and rarities.

It features 51 tracks (33 on CD for the first time!) on two CDs, including the previously unreleased “The Machine” and “Better Times,” plus hard-to-find single mixes of their greatest hits. Booklet includes liner notes, rare photos, and track notes from the band members (Rhino).

Along Comes Mary:

Disc: 1
01.The Machine
02.Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
03.One Too Many Mornings
04.Forty Times
05.Along Comes Mary
06.Your Own Love
07.Don't Blame It On Me
09.Standing Still
10.I'll Be Your Man
12.Enter The Young (Original Version)
13.Better Times
14.It'll Take A Litlle Time - Larry Ramos
15.You Hear Me Call Your Name
16.Memories Of You
17.Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies
18.Looking For Glass (Single Version)
19.No Fair At All
21.On A Quiet Night
22.We Love Us
23.When Love Comes To Me
24.Never My Love (Single version)
25.Happiness Is
26.Requiem For The Masses

Disc: 2
01.Come On In
02.Everything That Touches You
03.Barefoot Gentleman
04.Time For Livin'
05.Birthday Morning
06.Like Always
07.The Time It Is Today
08.Six Man Band (Single Version)
09.Goodbye, Columbus
10.Under Branches
11.Yes, I Will
12.Look At Me, Look At You (Single Version)
13.Goodbye Forever
14.What Were The Words
15.Just About The Same
16.Along The Way (Single Version)
17.P.F. Sloan
18.Pegasus - Russ Giguere
19.Darling Be Home Soon
20.Names, Tags, Numbers & Labels
21.Carry On - Bijou
22.One Sunday Morning
24.Small Town Lovers
25.Across the Persian Gulf

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