Sunday, June 19, 2011

Ashbury - Endless Skies (1983 us, progressive and hard rock - MP3 320K and WAV)

Having in mind that they came out from USA in the year of 1983 the listener is getting prepared that he's going to hear a heavy metal massacre.

That's why a few might have got disappointed by hearing this gem.

And I call it Gem because even if it's labeled with the Hard Rock tag, the feeling this album extracts is more than heavy! What we have here is a guitar oriented album, with epic lyrical themes and majestic vocals all over the tracks.

With visible influences of the 70s Hard Rock, the early Black Sabbath works, and Jethro Tull's sounds, this band has succeeded to create a unique masterpiece, one that's never gonna find a replacement once you hear it.

How many of you have heard the album Argus from Wishbone Ash? Once you hear it, even if you know that this is not heavy metal, you had the feeling that "Hell, this is Heavy"! The same happens with Endless Skies! Excellent guitar work between Davis brothers, well composed and time-travelling.

Since the opening track "The Warning" time seems to stop and reversing. Great solos, depressed and magic vocals, and a wonderful atmosphere is created.

On the record you'll find some OUTSTANDING I must say songs, came from another universe, full of emotion, lyrism and ethereal middle-ages sense.

"Mystery Man" and "Hard Fight" i bet my head they'll make you get lost in your mind, walking among your thoughts, unveiling your past and looking at your future.

Endless Skies:

Track List:
01 - The Warning
02 - Take Your Love Away
03 - Twilight
04 - Vengeance
05 - Madman
06 - Hard Fight
07 - No Mourning
08 - Mystery Man
09 - Endless Skies

Randy Davis - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Synthesizer and Percussion
Rob Davis - Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitars and Synthesizer
Johnny Ray - Drums
Jerry Vandielen - Grand Piano (on Endless Skies)

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