Thursday, May 26, 2011

Tai Phong - Windows (1976 france symphonic progressive rock - FLAC)

This French progressive rock band has 2 Asiatic members: they give the music a unique, charming and original style.

The intensely floating keyboards and the miscellaneous acoustic guitars parts of a couples of tracks remind the Gandalf's "Imaginary voyage" album.

There are some excellent, melancholic, expressive and melodic electric guitar solos.

This progressive record contains many delicate and ethereal bits, although at a slightly lower level if you compare to the previous album.

Some bits have excellent piano parts. Like on the first album, there are still many AWESOME, androgynous & catchy backing vocals; it seems there are more acoustic guitars than on the previous album.

There is also an omnipresent densely floating combination of organ and more modern keyboards, which gives an overall ambient mood to this record.

The rhythm is rather slow, so the tracks are often relaxing. There are a couples of acoustic Oriental ambiences.

If you like their first album, then you should like this one too (by greenback from

When It's The Season:

Track List:
01.When It's The Season (Jean-Jacques Goldman) - 8:12
02.Games (Khanh Maï) - 4:07
03.St. John's Avenue (Khanh Maï, Taï Sinh) - 7:44
04.Circle (Jean Alain Gardet) - 5:29
05.Last Chance (Taï Sinh) - 3:45
06.The Gulf Of Knowledge (Taï Sinh) - 9:54

07.Dance - 4:26
08.Back Again - 4:15
09.Cherry - 4:24

Tai Phong:
*Khanh Maï - vocals, guitars
*Taï Sihn - vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards
*Jean-Jacques Goldman - vocals, guitars
*Jean Alain Gardet - keyboards
*Stephan Caussarieu - percussion, drums

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