Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Duffy - Just In Case You're Interested (1972 uk hard rock and progressive rock - 2010 release of her first album - MP3 320K and Wave audio format)

UK hard rock and progressive rock band with touches of psychedelia. Their debut album, though not issued in the UK; it did receive issue in Europe and Brazil, leaving some to believe this was their second album.

In 1973 UK label Chapter One issued their self-titled second album. Their sound has comparisons to early Uriah Heep, Deep Purple, and Humble Pie with some minor Jethro Tull influences. Wisely, the French release used a band photo for the front cover.

All the compositions on the disc are good. The vocal performances of Stuart Reffold bring great intensity and guitarist Barry Coote masters his subject as either acoustic or electric.

The ballad "Do not Let Me Be Misunderstood" (cover of The Animals) is magnificent.


Track List:
01.Matchmaker (2:52)
02.Long Lost Friend (3:06)
03.Judgement Day (4:25)
04.Amie (2:37)
05.It’s My Life (2:58)
06.Rock Solid (3:26)
07.Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood (5:56)
08.Tell Me (3:10)
09.Riverside (3:05)
10.Place to die (2:09)

*Stuart Reffold – vocals
*Barry Coote – guitar
*Joe Nanson – keyboards
*Patrick Sarjeant – bass
*Will Wright – drums

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  1. To me, great band,doesn't matter if it's close to other well known bands of the area, they just do it sooo well! and when the compositions are true originals (well, most of them),the playing, the arrangements,specially the singing...just leave me on my knees...thank you,Duffy.